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What it really means: You don't matter to him as much as his friends and family do. Follow. 20% of men who are in relationships say they have hidden photos of their exes from their current partner. Think about it, when a guy posts a picture on Facebook or goes out with friends he doesn’t have a loyal band of cheerleaders commenting on how great he looks. Why do guys hide that they have a girlfriend from me? It's the fear of losing their girlfriend or being unable to control her that leads to the intense outbursts of rage and violence. When guys abuse, they feel entitled to do it. When it comes to men who cheat, there's a certain type of unsettling and disconcerting feeling that these men can end up generating in their partners. He doesn't want them to think that you are his girlfriend or, even worse, his bride. A guy I like asked me out on a date and I said 'okay' to it. The Sampling: Men, ages 30 to 60. 17% said they feel guilty about keeping photos. The world is a cruel, cruel place, and here's a hard fact about it: Just because you like someone, doesn't mean they'll like you back. I'm a nice girl and all I respect everyone but I don't get why some guys that I know try to hide the fact that they have a girlfriend and they'll be flirting and everything making me think that they are single when later I find that they aren't ! I honestly don’t know why they do that, because everyone, man or woman, has sexual fantasies, since everybody has quite a … 7. Most tied the knot with their wives between the ages of 21 - 35, and between the years of 1973 - 2002. And while these men may do everything in their power to hide their cheating, their words, actions, and behaviors can instill a sense of uncertainty, uneasiness, and doubt in their partner. Their marriages lasted from 8 - 38 years. He is worried that I might not like them. Here, editor-in-chief David Zinczenko and relationship therapist Dr Laura Berman describe the most common secrets husband keep from the women they love, and explain why. Among the most common secrets men hide from women is, of course, the fact that they have sexual fantasies, even though most of them will deny it when asked about them. Thanks for A2A As apparent from the answers to this questions , its not that all guys hide their passwords and all girls do not. Why would a guy try to hide his girlfriend from another girl? These 5 secrets men don’t tell women are based on a Men’s Health magazine poll, and include reasons why husbands aren’t completely honest with their wives. ... All guys hide things from girls, We can't help it, we always think we know best, we don't, but that doesn't matter, So dear, maybe what you could do is tell him that you understand he likes this girl, Let him know it's ok to … He is very close with his friends and family, which is why he spends more time with them than with me. Some guys and girls hide their passwords others do not. Anonymous. Baby boomers and Gen X'ers. Men also feel insecure about their physical appearance, and they don’t get nearly as much validation as we do.

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