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Explore ideas, cultures and places. If you require a visa to study in Switzerland: 28 February. Get a broad liberal arts education with Athabasca University’s Bachelor of Arts (General). For example, Bachelor of Arts graduates are eligible to apply for a wide range of postgraduate arts courses, as well as professional postgraduate degrees in Law, Medicine, Engineering (if they also hold a major in Engineering Science) and many other areas. Tribhuvan University has launched four-year bachelor’s course in BA from the academic year 2076/077 under the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Home Faculty: Faculty of the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities. A blank cell indicates that there are no additional units required for that study period. Intake Session(s): Autumn/Spring (Students eligible for credit transfer may begin in Summer Session if appropriate subjects are available). A funded overseas experience for every Bachelor of Arts student. Each of its some fifty majors, in fields throughout the arts, humanities and social sciences, is taught by truly outstanding scholars to ensure that each student receives the very best education, is engaged with cutting-edge research, and learns to think like a researcher. Degree Awarded Bachelor of Arts (BA) ECTS Credits 180. By graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree you actively keep your options open for a fulfilling career. THE GLOBAL IMMERSION GUARANTEE. Bachelor of Arts. Language * (12 credits) Must Be in a Single Language. To specialise in your chosen area, you’ll spend 14 units in your major learning and developing your craft. The Bachelor of Arts offers both diversity and focus, and builds informed, skilful and critically aware citizens of the world. English, Bachelor of Arts Course Requirements (ENG) General education requirements ... Liberal Arts Core Requirements (*One Course from Social Sciences or Humanities Cluster Must Have a “Global Perspective”. Bachelor of Arts Courses That Lead the Way. In whichever area you choose to study, you’ll develop transferable skills and the tools to think critically, communicate effectively and conduct independent research. About Bachelor of Arts [BA] (Economics): BA Economics or Bachelor of Arts in Economics is an undergraduate course which trains a student to be able to analyze the process of the economy.. Successful completion of the Bachelor of Arts requires students to complete units of study to the value of 300 credit points. They will then be invited to take a practical examination in Geneva, consisting of two tests: an instrumental or vocal test, and a test in general musical training, both of which must be passed. BA Course Admission Process. The flexibility of a Bachelor of Arts degree allows you to pursue your career aspirations across a range of disciplines within the humanities and social sciences, including languages, arts, history, philosophy and business. BA Admission through Merit: Colleges generate their cut off list, and if you have scored within that criteria then you are eligible to take admission in that program.Cut off List in elite colleges like Hindu College, Miranda House, Gargi College, etc. Be as broad or as specialised as you like in one degree. The Bachelor of Arts is the most diverse, most flexible, and most popular degree at The Australian National University. Abbreviation: BA. The Bachelor of Arts provides students with a broad range of disciplinary and interdisciplinary studies from across the University, with a strong focus on aspects of human culture and achievement. BA is most popular with Humanities students and there are several BA Humanities majors. Total Credit Points: 144. Successful completion of this course may provide a pathway to A3701 Bachelor of Arts (Honours). The BA program is an excellent degree for those wanting to explore music in a self-directed fashion. The Bachelor of Arts is a highly flexible degree that allows a wide range of choices from major and minor subjects, as well as courses from other degrees. Faculty of Arts. WHAT A WEEK! Program Benefits: Flexible – Log in and complete coursework when it works for you. Students should include first-year courses that allow them to advance to 200-level in at least two, and preferably three, subjects. Admission to Bachelor of Arts courses at the "Haute école de musique de Genève" is by competitive examination, in three stages. Our majors combine theoretical study and practical, industry-relevant content, so you graduate confident and ready to launch your career. The Bachelor of Arts (Western Civilisation) provides students with a rigorous and stimulating intellectual program in which they engage with western philosophy, history, literature, politics, art and culture, and develop a deep understanding of the great works, ideas and movements within the western intellectual tradition in the core of the program. Students can specialize in music theory, music history, world music, or composition, combining critical thinking and personal expression. in Psychology consists of the following: A. The course is sometimes also referred to as Bachelor of Visual Arts (BVA) in which the study of Visual Arts includes subjects such as painting, sculpture, photography, literature, animation, etc. They want problem solvers, researchers, and thinkers with creative ideas. Enrolment deadline 30 April. The Bachelor of Arts is a flexible degree where you can tailor your studies to your creative passions and career goals. Course structure. UOW Course Code: 702. It is designed to provide the learners with the information and skills necessary to understand and analyse their world by introducing them to the main themes and topics of disciplines in Humanities, Social Sciences and Sciences. On the other hand, the study of Performing Arts involves subjects such as dance, theatre and music. All units of study are valued at 12.5 credit points unless otherwise stated. Courses | Bachelor of Arts; Bachelor of Arts. Our Bachelor of Arts is distinctive for its focus on academic disciplines that are engaged with the workplace and community. goes upto 98% for BA courses. Admission to Bachelor of Arts is offered through both merit and entrances in India. Qualification code: 99311: NQF level: 7: Total credits: 360: SAQA ID: 23375: APS/AS: 20: Maximum time to complete this qualification: 8 years: Admission requirements; Student fees and funding your studies; Application for admission; Registration; Curriculum; Admission requirements Qualification admission requirements . It is the inter-disc It is the inter-disc Bachelor of Arts-BA - Tribhuvan University Refer to Degree Requirements for course options.) Teaching Language French and/or language of the discipline studied. Discover where a Bachelor of Arts can take you . Course outline The Bachelor of Arts is UQ’s largest program with over 40 study areas on offer, giving you the opportunity to explore the subjects you love. A general Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Social Science degree offers a flexible degree structure which is spread over a minimum of three years of full-time study. Applicants must first submit application documents. Duration: 3 years full-time or part-time equivalent. Course aims. This is a sample program only and units will vary between states. The list of the most popular BA Humanities majors and the universities offering those majors is mentioned in the table below . Your Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) course begins with two introductory units studied with students from other creative industries disciplines where you’ll start to develop your own creative identity and understanding of creative practice. Today’s employers are looking for people who can do more than just perform tasks. Most courses do not have live classes. Majors, extended majors and minors can be taken within the Colleges of: Education, Psychology and Social Work; Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences; Science and Engineering; and … B. Bachelor of Arts courses are offered by universities under various streams such as Design, Hospitality, Mass Communication, and Pure Humanities. Note 3: Sociology majors may take additional Sociology courses, up to a maximum of *48 senior level Sociology courses (above requirements, plus *18 optional senior level Sociology courses). Bachelor of Arts Curriculum. Watch two Year 12 students as they embark upon a whistle-stop career tour. The Bachelor of Arts programme is a broad based programme with a mix of disciplinary, interdisciplinary and skill based courses. Studying our new Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree at the University of Newcastle lets you forge your own path. Bachelor of Arts - Creative, inquisitive and unique. Course Structure. The Bachelor of Arts shall include not more than 60 credit points at 100-level, at least 36 credit points at 300-level and not more than 12 credit points at 400-level. It lets you combine units from different areas to create a base of knowledge that you can to draw on when applying for work in various fields. In addition to the General Education requirements of the University and College, the B.A. Get detailed information about admission, fee structure, contact, facilities & much more. These are the skills your Bachelor of Arts degree will help you develop. Bachelor of Arts. this course entry for the requirements of the Bachelor of Arts; the course entry for the partner course in their double degree. As a Bachelor of Arts graduate, you can choose from a multitude of professional pathways. Tailor your studies and gain core specialisations by choosing from 12 majors, 21 minors 14 majors, 21 minors our 8 majors that are offered entirely online and 100s of courses in the arts and humanities, leading to diverse careers. The general degree requires students to study at least two approved majors, selected from a wide choice of subjects. Duration 6 semesters. This course offers maximum flexibility if you are undecided about career choice. To qualify for award of the Bachelor of Arts (Honours), a candidate must successfully complete at least 48 credit points. Three Foundation Courses (10 hours) 1113 Elements of Psychology 2003 Understanding Statistics, or 2113 Research Methods I: Statistics 3114 Research Methods II: Applications and Experimental Design . Note 2: Faculty of Arts students who have already taken Stat 141 or 151 must still take SOC 210, since it is a requirement for the SOC major. View course rules and special requirements The Bachelor of Arts (Honours) consists of 50% coursework and 50% research work. CRICOS Code: 000612E. Fine Arts (6 credits) ART 314: Beginning Digital Imaging: 2. Roam wide. As a Bachelor of Arts student, you’ll develop skills in written communication, problem-solving, critical thinking and interpersonal understanding, allowing you to think creatively, communicate effectively and examine the world around you. Further information Applications Course … Universal College Kathmandu, Nepal offers Bachelor of Arts (BA) course. Note: Students within this course are able to do two majors, or one major and two minors from the Bachelor of Arts. The Bachelor of Arts provides you with creative and critical thinking skills that help you build a portfolio of skills and capabilities that can be transferred across industries.

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