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That’s another reason that Chevrolet switched to a one-piece rear main seal on Gen V/ VI engines. Most common are the three-vane pumps, while four-vane pumps pull more vacuum at lower engine speeds. 1-4 of 4 Results. ACDelco (2) Dorman (2) This is a test. If you are not using an oil cooler, you should remove the cooler bypass valve (B) and plug the cooler line holes (C and D) with 1/4-inch NPT pipe plugs. Engine now has about 1400 miles on it. With the oil cooler, you have to use the short and wide PF-25 filter. All the kits like the part number I have below are regular black O-rings. This is not needed for street high-performance engines, and is not recommended for street use by most pump makers. This may require a longer pump driveshaft, and the pump must be carefully matched to the oil pan depth to maintain the correct pickup-topan clearance. (Photos Courtesy of GMPP). Unscrew an oil cooler line from the radiator using the line wrench. Application Attributes: Package Quantity: 1. Engine Oil Cooler Line Connector. Details about Engine Oil Cooler Line O-Ring ACDelco GM Original Equipment 251-2031. The anti-backfire valves prevent possible ignition of flammable crankcase vapors. This product is made of high-quality components to meet and exceed strict quality requirements. Also, the lower left 3/8-16 bellhousing bolt-hole is drilled and tapped all the way through into the oil filter recess. ACDelco (5) Compressor Works (9) Dorman (41) Torqflo (1) This is a test. Items per Page. Follow the oil line to the oil filter, and unbolt the bracket that holds the oil lines to the engine using the 3/8-inch ratchet and socket. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars for an upgrade in performance, you’ll be looking at a bill for thousands of dollars, making dry sump systems the choice of all professional racers (when legal), but not a very cost-effective item when you calculate power gained per dollar spent. If you want to plumb a cooler into one of these blocks, order a bypass valve (GM PN 5575416) and install it in the rear hole. Earl's billet side mount oil cooler adapters are the slick way to add an oil cooler to your GM LS or Gen-V LT engine. (Photo Courtesy Moroso), Hamburger Oil Pans’ PN 0428 is a 6-quart pan with an expanded 8-inch-deep sump for Mark IV engines in early Camaros and Chevelles. It includes a windage tray (PN 3967854), but requires the purchase of four mounting studs (PN 3902885). That doesn’t sound like much, but on a competition engine with every possible modification already done, another 20 hp was like finding gold in a coal mine. There is no dipstick provision; you’re expected to know how much oil you put in your race car, and change it before it leaks out enough to cause concern. Motor oils can be divided into two categories: conventional mineral-based oils and synthetics. So when all else fails, go to the dealer. For proper vacuum pump operation, the engine must be well sealed, and a vacuum relief valve is necessary to prevent excessive vacuum. A Star Machine four-vane vacuum pump mounted on an all-aluminum 598-ci bigblock. If you ever put a dry pump into an engine, you’ll only do it once. It uses a plastic bushing to hold it in place on the oil pump during assembly and to keep it inside the engine block when the distributor is removed. High-performance bigblocks need motor oils that have been specially formulated with zinc and/or other wear-reducing additives, especially if you are using a flat-tappet cam and lifters. This helps keep the engine from overheating. Since vacuum pumps do such a good job of controlling the oil on the cylinder walls, low-tension oil rings can be used for reduced drag and even more horsepower. I replaced the "O"-ring and gasket between this housing and the block to stop an oil leak. pump to pull a vacuum in the crankcase and were rewarded with gains of up to 20 hp. There are single and dual remote oilfilter adapters on the market, which can be very handy for plumbing custom vehicles, boats, etc., that have interference issues with the stock oil filter location. After measuring, it’s still a good idea to physically check the clearance with modeling clay, and don’t forget to add gasket thickness if you checked this without the gasket in place. (Photo Courtesy Titan Speed), Gerotor gear design produces oil chambers that progressively expand and contract in volume to draw in oil and push it out without the “chopping” characteristic of spur gears. It’s best to simply buy the right pump to begin with, rather than try to jury-rig something that may or may not work properly. Fluids, such as motor oil, prefer to be pushed under pressure than sucked through a lengthy section of tubing, so keeping the pump pickup as short as possible is a good thing. Get regular updates on new innovations and repair tips. As mentioned in Chapter 2, late-1960s and early-1970s highperformance blocks with four-bolt main caps are already drilled and tapped for oil cooler lines just above the oil filter pad. Until your power expectations exceed 500 hp, it’s quite likely that your original oil pan works just fine, as long as the pump is right for the engine. Transmission Oil Cooler O-Ring. This competition pump features anticavitation slots for high-RPM oil pressure stability. OEM bolts have very short hex heads to clear the oil filter, so if you are using replacement bolts it is usually necessary to shorten the bolt heads for clearance. See photos below. The first thing that comes to mind is a magnetic drain plug, the best under-10-dollar part you can buy for your Rat motor. There are plenty of Rat motor powered trucks used to haul your favorite toys to and from the playground. In a wet sump engine, there must be some pressure in the oil pan to push the oil into the oil pump pickup, and excessive crankcase vacuum lowers the oil pressure. So what’s the downside to dry sump systems? Brad Penn break-in oil and Penn- Grade 1 Partial Synthetic oils are formulated with a high level of detergency for protection against bearing corrosion and piston deposits in both turbocharged and non-turbocharged engines. This positively ensures full filtration all the time, but may blow out the filter if you rev the engine before it is fully warmed-up. They free-up more power in your big-block in two ways: first, they reduce the friction of metal-to-metal contact, such as with rocker arm to rocker pivots, timing chain to sprockets, etc. View Details. Standard automotive motor oils have severely reduced or eliminated zinc (ZDDP) from their formula due to environmental concerns, and it is the zinc that provides the high-shear lubrication necessary for the overstressed junction between the cam lobe and flat tappets. If they're the goofy sealing washers GM loves to use on everything, you can order them from a GM dealer (or a parts store with an actual knowledgeable parts person - … Part #: 40-338490-1 … DORMAN {Click Info Button for Alternate/OEM Part Numbers} Transmission Line Connector Oil Cooler Line to Transmission; w/o Ball Check; 1/4 In. The 1965–1974 Corvette 5-quart pan (GM PN 14091356) fits most big-block fullsize cars. Dry sump oil systems use a cogged, belt-driven pump with multiple scavenge sections and one pressure section. 10% OFF $75. If you use the standard PF-35, the bottom of the filter is just about as low as the sump on the oil pan. BRAND. Improved Racing's GM LS-series oil cooler adapter's slim design was developed to provide more header clearance than any other adapter on the market. They seal the quick connect fitting to the cooler line. It’s possible that the valve also bypasses the filter during cold start-up when the oil is thickest, so some racing engine builders remove the bypass valve and plug the hole with a pipe plug. I have a 94 Burb with leaking oil cooler lines. :grrrrrr: I am considering making my own lines using A/N fittings and stainless braided hose. ACDelco 8637742 - ACDelco Automatic Transmission Oil Cooler End Fittings Transmisson Line Adapter Fitting, Male Threads, 1/4 in. Original equipment oil filter adapter (left) includes a bypass valve to ensure continuous oil supply even if the oil filter becomes clogged or is unable to deliver adequate oil supply during cold starts. Is there a downside to synthetics? On my GTA, there is a factory installed oil cooler. You have to jack-up the front of the car about 4 or 5 feet in the air, over-fill the pan with oil, and then drain out the excess oil. Competition pans include such features as crank scrapers to shear excess oil off of the spinning crank and rod assembly, built-in windage trays to shield oil in the sump from the turbulence of the spinning crank, and kick-outs on the right side of the pan. Most accumulators have a manual valve between the supply line and the storage cylinder, so that you can close the valve before shutting off the engine and store oil under pressure for pre-lubing the engine prior to the next startup. Filter. Titan Speed makes billet aluminum pumps with gerotors instead of traditional spur gears. If you liked this article you will LOVE the full book. Genuine GM Parts™ Inlet Oil Cooler Pipe with O-Rings by ACDelco®. The benefits of a dry sump system are many first and foremost, the engine receives a continuous delivery of oil under all conditions, whether accelerating, braking, cornering, or whatever. Fortunately, I was on a city street and was able to pull over and shut off the engine. Before installing the pump on your engine, pour a generous amount of STP, assembly lube, or GM EOS into the pump body between the two gears and rotate the gears to coat all inside surfaces for easy priming. This Moroso oil pan (PN 20408) is a 6.5-quart Mark IV pan designed to fit most stock chassis cars (except 1962–1967 Chevy II, V8 Monza/Vega, and 1955–1957 Chevy). Accumulators hold a reserve supply of oil under pressure that is instantly released when oil pressure drops below a safe level. The general rule for high-performance engine oil pressure is 10 pounds per square inch for every 1,000 rpm. Finally, because there is no need for a deep sump in the oil pan, dry sump oil pans can be much shallower that wet sump pans, giving car builders the option of positioning the engine lower in the chassis for a lower center of gravity and a lower hood scoop height for reduced aerodynamic drag. FILTER RESULTS. Some pump manufacturers machine anti-cavitation slots and pressure balance slots into the pump body and cover to lessen the chance of cavitation at high engine speeds. This Barnes four-stage pump has three scavenge sections that pull oil from the pan and pump it into the oil tank. To really take advantage of that feature, you should cut apart the used oil filter from any new or freshly rebuilt big-block to check for debris, and a good oil filter cutter makes that job much more palatable. 99. Auto Trans Oil Cooler Line Fitting. Our Engine Oil Filter Adapter O-Ring is suitable for a range of automotive applications. Not a desirable consition. All high-performance Chevy pumps should have the pickup tube secured by tack-welding the pickup to the pump body, or by a tab from the pickup tube that is bolted to one of the pump cover bolts. Chilling the pickup tube in your freezer and heating the pump body by setting it out in the sun before pickup installation also helps the job along. These are for competition use with open headers and should never be used on street cars with a full exhaust system. If it is too loose, you can carefully dress the pump body with some 400-grit wet-or-dry sandpaper on a flat surface. Transmission Cooler Line O-Ring & Retainer Clip Set, GM Transmission 4L60E It’s always good practice to fill your filter with oil before installing it on the engine, and don’t forget to lubricate the rubber sealing gasket. There are two oil cooler lines that run from either the radiator (like mine), or an external cooler mounted in front of the radiator, to an aluminum housing situated between the oil filter and the block. If you are not using a cooler, you need to plug the two threaded holes in the pan rail surface, and remove the bypass valve directly underneath the filter fitting. Be sure to test fit the pan and pickup clearance before tack welding everything together. They cost as much as three or four times as much as conventional oils, and they are good at finding little leaks and turning them into big leaks. Dorman Engine Oil Cooler Line Connector 800-707 $ 8. (Photo Courtesy GMPP). The PCV valve is connected by a rubber hose to a port under the carburetor, which draws the crankcase gases back into the engine where they are burned off. Remember that the first rule of oil pan selection is that it must fit on your car, and many large-capacity oil pans do not clear stock crossmembers, steering and suspension components, or other obstacles on the dark side of your ride. All production Gen V/ VI engines come with oil cooler bypass valves already installed. Production big-blocks relieve crankcase pressure and blow-by through breathers and a positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) valve in the valve covers. All 1997 and later GM LS family engines (Gen III & IV) with rear-sump oil pans including LS1/LS6, LS2, LS3, LS7, L76/L92/L93, LQ4/LQ9, LS9, LSA. These new-age lubricants have been responsible for a rash of cam/lifter failures in older vehicles as well as in high-performance engines using conventional lifters. K&N oil filters have a 1-inch nut welded to the bottom of the filter for easy removal. Road race cars need them, but not too many big-blocks are forced to turn left and right with regularity. Modern vacuum pumps are available in a variety of sizes suitable for different applications; you don’t need the massive flow capacity of a pump designed for an 800-cube Pro Mod motor on your bracket-racing 454. Many dry sump oil pumps also feature gerotor pressure sections for the same reasons. Dorman Products is a proud member of the following aftermarket organizations: Never miss a new solution. They are a favorite of many top engine builders. Total bolt length depends on the boss thickness of your transmission or bellhousing, but the bolt should not extend more than 5/8 inch into the block. Stock bolts are 13⁄8 inches long, but most aftermarket blocks require shorter 1¼-inch-long bolts. Remember that oil pan capacity is listed without regard to the extra quart of oil in the filter: if you have to add 5 quarts of oil after an oil change, you have a 4-quart pan. This pump came with two springs; one high-pressure and one standard-pressure. ... ACDelco GM Original Equipment Multi-Purpose O-Rings are used in some applications instead of paper or composite gaskets to seal engine components. You can use small washers or even a small nut to shim the spring for more pressure, but be careful not to shim so much that the valve can’t open or you’ll blow the filter apart. 1-4 of 4 Results. Some racers prefer a non-bypassing adapter like this one from Jegs (right). The difference is merely the length of the spur gears inside the pump housing; standard-volume gears are 1.135 inches long, and high-volume gears are 1.300 inches. (Photo Courtesy Titan Speed), A heavy-duty all-metal pump driveshaft, like this one from GMPP (PN 3865886), should be used in every high-performance big-block. Use Code: DIYSAVE10 Online Ship-to-Home Orders Only. ... Full Size Chevy Automatic Transmission Oil Cooler, Universal, TCI®, 1958-1984. Third, the scavenge sections are so efficient that they can pull a vacuum in the crankcase. Note that Gen V/VI rear main caps require an O-ring that fits in a recess in the block (E) to seal oil delivery from the pump. Choose a pan that fits your car with as much capacity as possible to keep the oil cool. Measure your oil pump pickup height and pan depth to ensure that you have adequate clearance. This will spill out some oil, so you may want to keep the drain pan handy. A FilterMag is a strong magnet that clamps tightly around the oil filter to trap small ferrous particles inside the oil filter, which seems like an incredibly smart thing to do. Part # 82562. This type of pump won’t fit stock pans and must be used with a dedicated racing oil pan. All Gen V and Gen VI blocks are drilled and tapped for the factory oil cooler lines in the oil pan rail just ahead of the oil filter. Shop for Dorman HELP! Dorman Products. ... General Motors 2018-96. 2021 Many cam companies, such as Comp Cams, offer their own brand of high-performance and break-in oils, which are highly recommended for use with flat-tappet camshafts. Second, because they offer better protection at full-floating junctions, like the main and rod bearings, a lower viscosity may be used, and that reduces parasitic pumping losses and windage losses. Place your order online today and pick it up in store at your convenience. The GM Performance Parts pump (PN 19131250) is standard on their 572 crate engines and is a good choice for any high-performance Mark IV or Gen V/VI big-block, when used with a pickup that matches your oil pan. Dorman Transmission Oil Cooler O-Ring 82562 $ 7. 1-24 of 56 Results. Eckler's warehouse is open, shipping daily and ready to meet all of your automotive needs. Model 3 if Chevy doesn't speed up their EV's to the marketplace! The lines are leaking where the rubber hose is crimped to the aluminum. SHARE THIS ARTICLE: Please feel free to share this post on Facebook / Twitter / Google+ or any automotive Forums or blogs you read. If your old two-piece rear main seal is dripping a little bit now, it’s going to become a real problem with synthetic oil. FILTER RESULTS. It offers power-producing features like a crank scraper and uni-directional windage tray, trap door baffling, and clearance for long-stroke crankshaft/rod assemblies. Many of these extended pumps are machined from billet aluminum, and some use gerotor gears instead of common spur gears. It won’t fit any stock chassis, and the large flat floor makes oil control difficult for anything other than drag racing. The oil cooler hose circulates oil between the oil cooler and engine. This dry sump aluminum oil pan has three scavenge pickups, integral windage screen/separator, a rear anti-slosh baffle, and right-side kick-out. Application Summary: Chevrolet 2002-96, GMC 2002-96, Workhorse 2005-99, Workhorse Custom Chassis 2005-99. If crankcase vacuum makes more power, how can you have too much? BRAND. Also fits all GM Gen III & IV Vortec V8 engines. In many later model radiator applications an integrated Jiffy-Tite® design is used to not only make the connection between the oil cooler and the line but also to secure the oil cooler in the radiator tank. The lines were replaced les than 15k miles ago with GM replacement lines. Inverted Flare, Brass, Each Part Number: ADO-8637742 Screens epoxied over these openings, plus the 1.5-inch hole in the front of the lifter valley, keep a little problem from becoming a big problem. This helps free up more horsepower and prevents oil contamination from getting past the piston rings and into the combustion chamber, where it could cause detonation, oil-fouled spark plugs, and other problems. Click the button below and we will send you an exclusive deal on this book. Taking that concept to extremes, some aftermarket oil pumps for big-block Chevys use spacers between the oil pump and the rear main cap to submerge the pump into the sump portion of the pan. RockAuto ships auto parts and body parts from over 300 manufacturers to customers' doors worldwide, all at warehouse prices. Cavitation is a vacuum that occurs in a fluid when it cannot flow fast enough fill in the void behind the rapidly moving gears. Being behind the turbo it does not look like fun to replace. GM LS Series Remote Side Mount Oil Filter Adapter. (Photo Courtesy Moroso), There are a lot of “bits and pieces” required to assemble a vacuum pump system for your Rat motor, and Reher- Morrison Racing Engines has simplified the process by offering a vacuum pump kit with everything you need to put together a pump for a typical Super class or bracket racing big-block. If it is too tight (this is rare), you could dress the bottom of both gears to get the clearance just right. If oil pressure suddenly drops because of hard acceleration, severe cornering, or hard braking, the air pressure immediately pushes oil into the engine’s oiling system to prevent damage to the main bearings and other engine components. The drive belt and filter have not yet been installed in this photo. The main components of a stock Chevy oil pump are the pump body and cover, two spur gears (a drive gear and a driven gear), a pressure relief valve, and spring. Normal clearance is 1/4 to 3/8 inch, but check with your oil pan manufacturer to be sure. Filed Under: Chevy Tech Tips, How to Build Killer Big-Block Chevy Engines, HOW TO BUILD KILLER BIG-BLOCK CHEVY ENGINES, How to Build Killer Big-Block Chevy Engines, How to Rebuild Your Big-Block Chevrolet Engine Step-by-Step: Inspection Guide, How to Rebuild GM Automatic Overdrive Transmissions, How to Upgrade the Wiring and Elecrtical in Your Chevelle – Step by Step, Camaro Brake Guide: How to Restore Your Chevy Camaro Step by Step, Frame Restoration: C3 Corvette Restoration Guide, How to Swap an LS Engine into Your Chevelle – Step by Step, Big-Inch Chevy Small-Block Cheat Sheet: Connecting Rods, Gaskets and Fasteners Guide for Big-Block Chevy Engines, How to Source Chevy Big-Block Rotating Assemblies. The number-one priority of your oiling system should be to keep the engine supplied with oil, and big boxy pans make it harder to control oil slosh during braking and cornering. The stock Chevy pump driveshaft is a simple mild steel shaft that is driven by the camshaft via the bottom of the distributor, so that the oil pump rotates at 1/2 crankshaft speed. Subsequent designs use o-ring or seal washer designs on the oil cooler side. This was a step in the right direction but it was not nearly as effective as a dry sump pump, which could create a much stronger crankcase vacuum.

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