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Some years this area can be very dry, so checking the waterholes for deer sign might be wise. BIOTICS is an advanced Pre and Probiotic blend specifically formulated to increase healthy gut bacteria, while decreasing the bad gut bacteria at the same time. For your own safety (and to avoid legal troubles), as well as for the benefit of a mule deer population that is in decline, hunt only in season and according to the regulations established by that state, province, or territory. It is every hunter’s responsibility to respect private lands and obey all signs. Unit 16A. The Anita area, which is mostly pinyon-juniper and sagebrush, (near forest roads 347 and 306 going north to the Grand Canyon National Park boundary) can hold some good concentrations of deer. This side is very open grassland country and ideal for glassing lots of wide open areas. These changes include motorized big game retrieval, road closures and … Remember: Nature Rules! The boundary is well fenced and signed. I drew a Nov Mule deer tag in unit 28 and everybody I have talked to said that it is a BAD unit. This area can be very thick, which is why lots of bulls prefer to use it. West of Tusayan along Forest Road 328, mostly pinyon and juniper woodlands with lots of sagebrush openings, can be good for bull hunts. Adjacent lands are under state and private ownership. Most of the antelope habitat in Unit 9 is on state and private land. From the Dog Knobs east to the Navajo Reservation is where the most antelope habitat will be. Calling is the most effective method as toms are actively seeking out females to breed. Unit 30B is a large unit with two large mountain ranges (the Dragoon Mountains and the Mule Mountains) with low hills and ridges between the two ranges surrounded by high desert flats in the valleys. Key Features:Archery specific angle calculations out to 175 yardsProprietary advanced ranging engineLightweight polymer housingRubberized armourWaterproofErgonomic housing designUses 1 CR2 batterySelect from 3 different reticles: Plus Point(TM), Duplex, and Duplex with Plus Point______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Trophy Scale (RX)Select RX models let you instantly and accurately judge the width and/or height of a target using the Trophy Scale feature. This companion comes with an Unconditional Lifetime Warranty.FeaturesVario 33 Bag OnlyFrame Sold SeparatelyCompatible with Vario FrameLightweight Durable NEW KXO-50 FabricExtender Straps for Use with Game BagsWide-Mouth OpeningIncludes Rifle/Bow BootSide Stretch PocketsCarry Compatible: Pistol, Rifle, BowFits Reservoir: 3LVideo -Badlands Vario 3300 PackVideo -Badlands Vario 3300 Bag, The unit is a mix of flat to rolling grassland prairie and rolling to mountainous pinyon-juniper and ponderosa pine-Gambel oak habitat types. Not all weather elements are available within the unit. Sportsman should obey all signs and leave gates as they find them. Arizona Strip Guides LLC and our team of Arizona mule deer hunting professionals feels that this Unit 13B archery hunt is one of the best archery mule deer hunts in the world today. ; westerly along the Valle-Cataract Creek Rd. Overview: Merriam’s Turkey can be found in the ponderosa pine/Gambel oak habitats of Unit 9. The deer density is high along Skinner Ridge especially if the Gambel oaks produce acorns. These maps are available for free at Forest Service offices. Some of the west side is conducive to using binoculars as you may catch deer crossing the sagebrush openings. This part of the unit can get lots of hunting pressure on opening weekend, but tapers off towards the end of the hunt. Sportsman should obey all signs and leave gates as they find them. Successful hunter's still hunt areas or trails between watering and feeding or bedding areas, or hunt extremely slow, glassing often. Hunter: DUANE (CORKY) RICHARDSON. The Bucklar Ranch to Cabin Tank area, mostly ponderosa pines with some dense pockets of pinyon trees, offers some opportunities to hunters who aren't afraid to walk. Grand Canyon National Park (South Rim) (928) 638-7888 Large swings indicate a good layering system should be used. This unit has lots of square miles and it's always worth trying some of the open areas with small pockets of trees, which usually get very little hunting pressure. This area is closed to OHV’s and successful hunters cannot use vehicles to retrieve downed game. Few places in the West rival the mule deer producing power of Arizona’s units 13A & 13B. Areas (for antlered hunts): The Skinner Ridge area, which encompasses a mixture of ponderosa pine, Gambel oak, pinyon and juniper, and scattered pockets of sagebrush, is a good area to start. to Cataract Creek at Island Tank; northwesterly along Cataract Creek to the Havasupai Reservation Boundary. I'd suggest slowly walking the ridgetops, which are usually the areas furthest from roads. Our rifle Arizona trophy mule deer trips are currently running at 100% harvest rate with a 100% shooting opportunity. Species within this unit: Antelope, Elk, Mule Deer, Merriam’s Turkey, Tree Squirrel, Javelina . Location: UNIT 12A, AZ. The Grand Canyon National Park (GCNP) is on the north end of Unit 9 and hunting is not allowed on the park. Because of these forest rule changes, only motorized retrieval of elk is permitted in Game Management Unit 9. It can be a little more difficult to hunt than the west side, but may offer some better quality bucks due to the thicker habitat. From the North: State Hwy 64 Rules for gathering fuelwood are handled through fuelwood permits. January archery mule deer hunts can be combined with javelina. The Upper Basin, which encompasses pinyon and juniper woodlands with scattered openings of sagebrush, can hold lots of elk. Overview: Antelope are scattered throughout the central and southern portions of Unit 9. The private landowner has many areas marked “No Trespassing”, so please respect these signs or you will be cited. The main forest roads in this area include 307, 682, 683, 2807, 2815, and this area can be easily accessed from State Highway 64. CHECK OUT OUR 2020 BANQUET INFO FLYER! Motorized retrieval of other wildlife, including all other big game species, is not permitted on national forest lands in Game Management Unit 9. This unit encompasses about 1,600 square miles. The Bucklar Ranch to Cabin Tank area, mostly ponderosa pines with some dense pockets of pinyon trees, offers some opportunities to hunters who like to hike. Joined Nov 6, 2019 Messages 7. The Red Butte area is closed to any off-highway vehicle (OHV) and a successful hunter who harvests a deer inside the closure may not drive off-road to retrieve game. This unitcan be very difficult to hunt as lack of topographic relief makes using binoculars difficult. Male antelope have a black cheek patch and a legal buck must have horns longer than his ear. This is especially true if the weather turns cold and/or snowy and the deer start looking for areas with high concentrations of browse to feed on. The older wiser bucks will bed down in the middle of sagebrush openings, which is usually areas most hunters avoid. This part of the unit can get lots of hunting pressure on opening weekend, but tapers off towards the end of the hunt. Firearms deer hunts are by limited-entry draw permit. The AMD is a non profit organization that was set in place to use Arizona … Forest planners undertook a lengthy process to determine what roads were most important to the various user groups, what areas were most in need of protection and what members of the public had to say.

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