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This is my first quad. My brother was trying to load it, panicked driving up the ramp into the bed of the truck. It’s a pain, but a necessary evil unless you just want to haul it off to the dealer. Incidents/Injuries: American Suzuki has received seven reports of tie rod end separation, and no reports of injuries. Suddenly it started to miss occasionally. It's packed with features that 4WD enthusiasts crave. This could cause the rider to lose control of the ATV and result in injury or death. Each time the bike stalls it immediately starts. Description: The recall involves Suzuki 2005 model year LT-A700XK5 King Quad ATVs. Manuals and User Guides for Suzuki Kingquad. Suzuki … Another common problem faced by users of Suzuki King Quad 700 is hard starting and random stalls. The tire is hanging off now. Cleaned the air filter, went riding on Monday. I put it up because I was done riding and thought nothing of it. And after that it still bogs down 10 seconds after a perfect start while revving. Also, when slowing to a stop, the bike stalls. Sunday afternoon I was riding, had been for a couple of hours, quad running perfect. I got a problem I have a 2005 LTZ 400. The quad caught air and landed on the left side. My fourwheeler cranks easily, idles perfect, but once you take off it won't even hardly run. This problem can be easily solved by replacing the spark plug. Quad manuals are provided with a download link to get the file instantly on your computer. The problem. These vehicles can be used for either pleasure activities such as … I need to re-align my tires which does not look too hard. Having owned a King Quad since 93 (bought new), I don't believe there's a more reliable machine out there. I ride my quad almost everyday, I have my own track. The primary cause of this issue is worn or broken spark plug. susp., Good ground clearance, Low center of gravity, Full skidplate. 1993 Suzuki King Quad 300, the ATV starts and runs ok, but it is definitely running rich. The mechanic hooked his boost box up to my battery and my quad ran fine. It has My 2013 Suzuki 750 King quad EFI will start but if you move the steering it shuts down. So I replaced it $110. The best way to figure out this kind of problem is to take one issue at a time. The rider sits in the open and uses a combination of hand and foot controls for gas, brakes and gear selection. My 2013 Suzuki 750 King quad EFI will start but if you move the steering it shuts down. Also, it will idle fine, but when you give it more than 1/4 throttle, it stumbles and hesitates, sometimes it will stall out. Suzuki king quad 750 stalls out after running it for about 15 minutes. I have a 2000 Suzuki King quad 300 cc and had all those same issues and it turned out I had a tear in my petcock diaphragm. Hi-Lo-Super lo ranges, 2 or 4wd, Locking front differential, Ind. I have a Suzuki 750 Quad 4X4 AXi 2017/18 model. Suzuki 2006 KingQuad 700 4X4 I can tell this because of the dark black soot when I pull the spark plug. Suzuki ATVs (all terrain vehicles) are a four-wheeled, gas-powered vehicles that the rider operates in a similar way to a motorbike. If the problem gets worse and the backfire gets stronger, it could get strong enough to where the backfire causes severe damage, such as a crack in the exhaust manifold. Also, when slowing to a stop, the bike stalls. The Suzuki King Quad is in a class of it's own. We have 2 Suzuki Kingquad manuals available for free PDF download: Service Manual, Manual Suzuki Kingquad Service Manual (711 pages) Each time the bike stalls it immediately starts. Let it sit for a while and it runs good again for a while.

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